Purchasing the house across the street!

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On Sunday, November 17th the congregation met for a voter’s meeting and in addition to electing a new church council and a $100,000 budget for 2014, the congregation DID vote to enter a bid to purchase the property and house directly across the street from the Parsonage.  Papers were drawn up on Monday and the bid was both submitted and accepted for $49,900.  God is definitely up to some fabulous things for the future here at Peace.  We hope that all the proceedings will go smoothly and the purchase can be closed within three weeks!  The purpose of the house (which is actually two one bedroom apartments) is to be able to supply needy individuals in the congregation with affordable housing.  Other uses are very much a possibility and only the Lord knows what blessings it will bring to us.  For now we will have to work to prepare the house for occupancy!  It will be great to work together on this project and involve many folks who have skills to put to use for the Lord!

We must pray diligently for this endeavor!  Thanks be to God!

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