Purchase of a new Ministry Center and Academy!

God is getting us READY for the next 100 years!  He is leading us in amazing ways to do amazing things for the glory of His name!

Pastor Bjornstad writes for the Feb. Newsletter:

Nothing like having our church highjacked by the Lord!  The Christmas rush was over and this pastor wanted to get his office cleaned.  He was looking for some time off - as well as getting settled as the vacancy pastor at Immanuel.  Everything was well in order and calm.  We were supposed to have a congregational meeting in January to establish some plans and goals for our 100th Anniversary, so he was going to be doing a lot of thinking and praying on that… 

But then a discussion with a Pastor Daubenhauser took place… She shared her strong leading from the Lord that Peace needed to purchase a building she was charged with selling.  It was an amazing property of a church and education building - perfect for our Academy.  Suddenly life for this pastor and the congregation took an amazing turn!  Literally in a matter of 3 1/2 weeks (there was a deadline of Feb. 1!) everything fell into place to have the congregation vote to purchase this building on January 25th.  It was definitely a miracle of the Lord as the vote was almost unanimous.  The property we are purchasing is the former Trinity Baptist Church in the Greenridge section of town, about 1 mile away from Peace.  I was most definitely an answer to prayer for the board of The Lutheran Academy who had just defined plans in November to expand our Academy to two teachers and increase our student body - but had no where to expand TO.  

Incredibly, Pastor Daubenhauser convinced her church body to let us purchase it for $75,000 - a price without which we could not afford.  Her fervent desire was that the house that God’s people built would continue as a house of God and a center of wonderful ministry and outreach (instead of apartments or a Hindu Temple).  She had sent her daughter to The Lutheran Academy several years ago and knew about Peace Lutheran Church and how The Lord was working through us.  She was convinced that our church and Academy - with God’s grace and mercy - would accomplish God’s will there.

The vote on January 25th was quite emotional.  Not everyone had been in favor the week before in our meeting together.  It was plain that this was a very large endeavor and that we are inadequate in and of ourselves to take this project on.  In the end congregational members were finally convinced that enough measures were taken to keep Peace church safe from any troubles with the project.  Amazingly it was reported before the vote that $21,000 had been pledged by individuals and that Grace Lutheran Church in Hop Bottom, PA (30 minutes north of Scranton) had just voted to pledge another $5000!   Ballots were filled out and we all gathered together holding hands as the results of the vote were announced by Chad Tyk our church president.  We all sang the Doxology with true thanksgiving in our hearts.  On the ballots voters could make additional pledges as well, and it was also announced that ANOTHER $9000 in pledges had been made (for a total of $35,000!)  To God be all the glory!  Nothing more to say!

Please keep praying for everything to fall into place.  There are a few hurdles that have to be overcome to reach our April 1st closing date, but our bid and earnest money have been submitted!  Remember also in thanksgiving all those who were instrumental in getting this all put together, including the Academy Board, Chad Tyk, Roger Borchin, Amy Betts, and many others!  

If you want to know more details about the project, CLICK HERE to view a document that will give you a good grasp of the scope of the project and all the financing details.

Last month I introduced the themes I had put together for the next three years.  “Ready”, “Set”, “Go!”  I suppose what has happened here in the last month is a very high demonstration of how God is getting us “Ready” for the next 100 years.  Only heaven knows all the glorious things the Lord has in store for us!  He sends His Holy Spirit and all things necessary for us to proclaim His name and glory to all peoples!  Praise His Holy Name! 

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