April 1st Purchase of Lutheran Ministry Center completed!

It was a beautiful day on Wednesday, April 1st… in the midst of Holy Week!

After overcoming all kinds of hurdles, God had brought us to this very moving moment.  Representatives from the former Trinity Baptist Church and Peace Lutheran gathered, along with lawyers and folks who knew what papers needed to be signed, at Peace Lutheran.  Special recognition was given to Rev. Ginger Daubenhauser, the former pastor of Trinity, who had made all this possible.  It was her desire to have this beautiful facility that was built by the hands of faithful Christians continue to function as a house of God and for His glory.  She made it possible for us to afford this for a new home for The Lutheran Academy - and many other Gospel ministries as well!

Chad Tyk and Jerry Cornog signed for Peace Lutheran Church and we handed over a check for $73,001.50.  This check, along with the $3000 earnest money given previously, brings the total price of the purchase and all fees to $76.001.50.  This was paid for with $60,000 in cash raised over the past few weeks, and the $25,000 taken from the Peace church building fund.  Amazing!  Now we will proceed with obtaining an equity loan for what we need to finish repairs and gain an occupancy license.

We praise the Lord for ALL that he has done for us - and we look forward to the growth in ministry we know God has in store for us as an Academy and as a congregation!

April 1, 2015 those gathered for the closing of the purchase of 1546 Monsey Ave. property

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